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Bishop, Terrence R.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Management


The primary purpose of this study is to perform exploratory research about diversity programs in the workplace. Diversity, a current and extremely important issue in business, affects all individuals in the working environment in both positive and negative ways. To combat these negative connotations associated with diversity, organizations can implement diversity programs. Diversity programs consist of various components and are implemented for various reasons. This study compares the results of an original diversity survey sent to Human Resource professionals in Fortune 50 firms to the previous research that was discovered. The survey examines the components used as part of the whole diversity program, the reasons for implementing such programs, the means by which the effectiveness of the programs are measured, and various other issues concerning the planning, implementation, and success of diversity programs. Results from the original survey indicate that a major inconsistency exists in measuring the success of diversity programs. Apparently, professionals have a difficult time determining what to use to measure the level of success of these programs. Other than this discovery, the results are in accordance with results of previous numerical iii research as well as the existing written research. Diversity is a hot topic of today, and it will continue to gain importance in the workplace as demographics and society change.


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