Dorene Glad

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The intent of the following research work is to take a deeper look into developments in international banking and finance. First, a detailed summary of the International Banking Act of 1978 is discussed. This gives a foundation from which the topics to follow it will build upon. The research of the International Banking Act briefly details the regulations, as well as the surrounding influences on the financial world that are a result of the act. Next is a discussion on the great wave of foreign companies that have sought to expand in the United States and economic and financial reasoning behind this expansion. Included in this area of research is the expansion of U.S. companies abroad. For U.S. companies, foreign markets are dynamic, complicated, and offer great opportunities, even for purely domestic corporations; therefore, grasping these opportunities is a major challenge. Finally, the growth of the International Monetary Market of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange is observed. An introduction to the Market including its historical beginnings and functionings is researched. Other topics of relevance related to the IMM, including understanding futures in foreign exchange and Eurodollar futures are discussed. As a whole, a very wide, general perspective on international banking and finance is researched and discussed. New developments, as well as old policies have been uncovered. The following chapters view these developments as they affect the international financial environment and how this environment affects businessmen and consumers alike.


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