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Damodaran, Purushothaman

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


The Stone Line at SPX Hydraulic Technologies in Rockford assembles hydraulic pumps which are used in a variety of industries. Due to high variation in the build process, the assembly is not standardized. To compensate for this variation, the current layout of the Stone Line is made up of five individual U-shaped cells. As a result of the layout and the batch assembly of products, inconsistencies in cycle times and throughput have been observed. SPX has proposed converting the five work cells into two linear assembly lines. The two lines will be divided into a high volume line, consisting of 80% of demand, and a low volume line, consisting of 20% of demand and the more difficult builds. The objective of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of constructing a more efficient linear assembly line. Product families will be established by grouping together products that have similar components and build processes. Using lean techniques, the high volume line will be broken down in to individual work stations in an effort to balance the work load of all stations. Each station will be equipped with only the tools and parts that are necessary for the specific work content to ensure operators do not waste time. Work instructions will be developed to standardize the operations performed at each station. Time studies will be conducted on a pilot line to establish line throughput and other performance metrics. Our efforts will help SPX determine whether or not to proceed with the linear assembly line.


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