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Ganesan, Sengoda G.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The design and construction of a hexapod walking robot for the purpose of continuing research in robot architecture and behavior will be discussed. A short description of common robot designs is given, followed by a discussion of the basic design that was selected. Linear actuator design, frame design, and leg design is detailed. A description of the analog servo control system and the functional requirements of the microcontroller system is included. The lithium batteries chosen for the power supply are discussed. A schedule for project completion is given, as well as component costs. Performance of the robot was limited by RF interference which caused problems in the digital circuitry as well as the analog circuitry used. A brief discussion of possible solutions to this problem is given. A related project, Microprocessor Design For A Walking Robot, by Christopher Johnson, Northern lliinois University Department Of Electrical Engineering, May 1996, contains a detailed description of the microcontroller system and programming for this robot.


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Northern Illinois University

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