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Diabetes is the 7th leading cause of death in the United States, and accounts for $116 billion in direct medical costs (American Association of Diabetes Educators, 2011). For those who are at risk for developing this lifelong disease, education for prevention is key. Education for this disease is generally covered by one's private insurance, but is not available to those who have public insurance or to those who self pay. I am using my capstone, "Dancing With Diabetes", as a diabetes prevention tool directed to the underserved in the Tri County area. "Dancing with Diabetes" is a program with a focus on prevention of diabetes directed towards Tri County Clinic clients who have prediabetes. During this seminar, clients were taught about what the disease process is, the complications, and preventative tools that can be used to secure their health. Participants were educated through means of a PowerPoint, an interactive video, a dance class, and a snack option that was given to participants to taste themselves. The amount of participants that came to the presentation was a small number but the small number was helpful in facilitating conversation, and creating a confortable atmosphere. After conducting this seminar, I analyzed components that went well, and others that needed improvement. "Dancing With Diabetes" was a great opportunity for the Tri County Clinic clients, and also a great learning experience for myself.


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