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Lukaszuk, Judith M.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences


Chronic energy deficiencies leading to impaired performance and injury are a prevalent problem in the dance world. This is due to a lot of dancers’ misconceptions about nutrition as well as what and how much they should be eating to fuel their bodies. This is also due to a high rate of disordered eating and eating disorders among the dance population. This project explores the science behind what dancers should be eating, how much they should be eating, and when they should be eating. Recipes for healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners are included as examples for quick and easy solutions to meal times. A typical dance schedule with a proper diet is also included to make it easier to see what a day of training and eating should look like. Lastly, a section discussing eating disorders and disordered eating is included to bring awareness to those issues. This project was put together using information from various textbooks and scientific journals from the past fifteen years. The recipes were created to be quick and easy, as well as to also provide adequate nutrition to the consumer.


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