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Northern Illinois University provides an extremely modern and diverse computing environment for its students, faculty, and staff. Computer facilities on campus include an on-site Amdahl mainframe computer, IBM and Harris minicomputers, and IBM, Apple, Kaypro, and Corona microcomputers. The diverse computer facilities at NIU help meet the computing needs of thousands of people, from almost every academic and administrative department on campus. But for those individuals new to the campus, this diversity often makes it difficult to determine exactly what facilities exist on campus, which of these facilities they can and should access, and how they can learn to access those facilities. This manual is designed specifically for those students, faculty, and staff new to computing at NIU. The first section of this manual provides an overview of computing at NIU. The second part of the manual gives a detailed account of the various computer facilities at NIU. This section will help new individuals determine what facilities they need for their particular applications, where these facilities exist, and who can access them. The third part of this manual examines the various forms of assistance that exist to help new users learn to access the computer facilities on campus. This section provides a great deal of information, including a list of offices and phone numbers for obtaining information or help.


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