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Neely, Cathy Lynn

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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The purpose of this report is to examine the potential to reorganize a company was started in 2006, Crosshair Challenge (CC), in a way that will provide sustainable competitive advantage. The company previously hosted paintball events at local fields in the area and attracted enthusiasts from the surrounding states. This feasibility analysis will look at opportunities to restructure the current operations into an industry-unique league formatting. In the beginning, the competitive advantage CC had was the scheduling of the league as well as the indoor operations. Since the first season, several indoor paintball facilities have closed down leaving the winter season inoperable and destroying CC's competitive advantages. In order to stay in business, CC moved its operations to outdoor fields. This move resulted in CC being trapped into a highly competitive season, staggering capital requirements to reestablish desired competitive advantages, several competitors with economies of scale, and because of a loss of all competitive advantages; several failed instances of operations. I will be reviewing several critical topics that will influence my decision and determine the scope and breadth of my pursuant action. These topics include operational feasibility, market favorability, and a financial outlook of the proposed operations.


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