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Barnhart, June

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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A balanced approach between whole language and phonics instruction is the best way to teach beginning readers. This is a first grade reading curriculum that incorporates these two components. I chose the Four Blocks Literacy Model to form the backbone of my curriculum. The four components of this model include a guided reading block, a working with words block, a self-selected reading block, and a writing block. Each of these blocks was used daily throughout the curriculum. For each month, I decided what skills to focus on. Then I collected and developed lessons to meet the objectives. Finally, I wrote a comprehensive plan for each day. All of the books children read are high-quality children's literature. The working with words component, also known as phonics, uses the guided reading stories as its basis for teaching decoding. The writing block also relates to the story being read. The curriculum is based on many books that are recommended by reading experts. Authors cited include the McCrackens, Patricia Cunningham, Dorothy Hall, and Dorothy Strickland. The research behind it makes this curriculum a solid base for teaching first graders to read.


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