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Cohen, James A.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Literacy Education (LTCY)


The field of education is one that endeavors constant change of fluctuating degrees. Most recently and drastically, the educational field has experienced and responded to changes in the cultural and linguistic diversity that is rapidly increasing in classrooms across the United States. Congruently, current legislation holds both educators and students accountable for their standardized performance and accomplishments, although teachers of ethnically diverse students are not required to be certified in the teaching of these learners. As a result, it was the purpose of this study to identify and analyze the themes evident from a series of observations and interviews conducted on two culturally and linguistically diverse participants by two teacher candidates. Ultimately, the study unveiled themes of self-concept, cultural behavioral expectations, language brokering, and social interactions of the two culturally and linguistically diverse participants. A discussion of the results are included, as well as the inclusion of best practices in classrooms comprised of culturally and linguistically diverse students.

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