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Hunt, Courtney Shelton

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Community involvement has become an important part of the social responsibility initiatives of many corporations. Many researchers have studied corporate social responsibility, as well as individual volunteerism; however, the activities of these generally have been studied separately, resulting in a relatively scant literature on the intersection of corporate and individual community involvement. The study reported herein was designed to address this deficiency, specifically by searching for linkages in values and practices between corporations and individuals. The study was conducted in two phases. In Phase I, interviews were conducted with the Human Resources Directors of six organizations in a Midwestern city to obtain information such as corporate community involvement policies, practices, and attitudes. The information obtained during this phase was used to create a survey, which was intended to compare corporate managers' and individual employees' perceptions of corporate community involvement, assess personal values, and indicate their levels of contribution to the community. Unfortunately, due to the small sample size and homogeneity of the Phase II data, few conclusions could be drawn; however, results of the study indicated that further research should be conducted. If additional efforts are made to increase sample size and the reliability of measures, the relationship between corporate and individual community involvement should be more successfully and wholly explained.


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