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Slavenas, Rosemarie

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Special and Early Education


Art is an important facet of children's development and can aid disturbed children in the form of therapy, if needed. It is necessary to consider the development of art in normal young children before the topic of art therapy can be broached. The importance of art and the different stages of art that children go through are touched upon in the following pages to provide necessary background information. The last section of this paper discusses the role of art therapy by defining art therapy and looking at how evaluations based on art should be made. The purpose of this paper was to answer a personal curiosity and expand on a topic believed to be of great importance to early childhood Research was gained through various publications and then consolidated. educators. The information provided satisfies the author's curiosity but strictly provides material that relates to her specific questions only. Art is, indeed, a revealing medium of self-expression for children. The magnitude of feeling that can be expressed requires handling by professionals; however, having a basic knowledge of this topic can be of great assistance to early childhood educators.


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