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One-hundred-seventy-one undergraduate females completed three questionnaires concerning childhood abuse, assertiveness, and date rape in an attempt to uncover precursors to recidivism of abuse. As predicted, significant positive correlations were found between child abuse before and after age 13. However, no significant correlation was found between childhood abuse and date rape. In examining lack of assertiveness as a precursor, the mean assertiveness scores of child abuse and date rape survivors after age 13 were lower than the overall mean; however, the combined score of those abused as children either before or after 13 and the score of those abused before 13 only were higher than the overall mean. Explanations for these inconsistencies in data include a “recovery and overcompensation” theory, differences in methodologies between the present and previous related studies, and the possibility that the assertiveness scale utilized may be invalid when used in the context of inter-gender relationships.


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