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In a world of new businesses constantly popping up, there is an important aspect to analyze: the creation and preservation of their brand reputation. The objective of this research is to recognize what it takes for companies to establish their brand reputation. There is more to creating a brand than just designing a logo. Successful businesses need to discover their purpose and what differentiates themselves from competitors. After companies have built their brand, they need to maintain it. This is where public relations and marketing comes in. After reviewing current literature along with interviewing professionals in the marketing and public relations field, it has been determined that these two areas work together to maintain a brand reputation. The techniques used by public relations and marketing specialists play a hand in developing a company’s image. It is crucial, however, for companies to recognize and understand the difference between public relations and marketing. From the marketing perspective, companies should focus on sales while from the public relations perspective, companies should focus on their communication with the public. This all relates back to the brand reputation because both promote the company image, just in different ways.


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