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Zinger, Donald S.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


The purpose of our design is to control the fluctuation of an automobile's hydraulic system using a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). An Automation Direct PLC is programmed with DirectSoft 32 Relay Ladder Logic Stage Programming software. In addition, an Autoloc remote is used to activate the PLC; magnetic positioning sensors, the PLCs ladder logic program and the hydraulic system-consisting of solenoids/pumps and dumps-are the main components for our design. We intend to use the same ideas and design methods as in industry applications to control the hydraulics of a Lowrider vehicle. The overall process will be the same; PLC will control, execute program; and therefore, satisfy the customer. An important feature of our design is that it will eliminate the use of a switch box and a 15-foot cable; and with just a simple PLC and the push of the button on a remote, the motion of the hydraulic system on a vehicle will controlled 'hands-free'. Our design will give the Lowrider community a new technology option for the control of their Lowrider's hydraulic system.


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