Adam Wirtz

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Song, Shin-Min

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The purpose of this project is to develop an automatically temperature and flow controlled faucet/shower system. The system should allow a user to pre-select a temperature for their comfort. The system should automatically maintain the desired temperature without further input. The system should also correct for any sudden drops in temperature or pressure in the piping system. The system should also be able to be integrated into any household piping system. Some added benefits that are to be obtained are energy saving benefits. The device will be able to be put on a timer in order to conserve water usage. The conserved hot water will also save energy that would be used to heat more water. Also the device can have a safety feature to prevent children from accidentally being burned by hot water. There are several key components of the product. There is the computer for inputting and logic calculation. The servo valves are actually what controls the flow of water. The thermocouple must be used to monitor the temperature of the water. The flow rate of the water must also be monitored to meet the desired objective of total temperature and some flow control. This device should in the end be affordable and reliable. The luxury of an automatically controlled shower should be readily accessible by the average household.


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