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Art and Race: Exploring Social Justice Issues through Visual Culture, a high school art curriculum, explores how race and social justice issues in visual culture connect to historical concepts within the realm of social studies. Students will learn to achieve: creating visual narratives, making visual connections, and expressing themselves through artistic processes to combat stereotypes and misconceptions about social issues surrounding race. In this curriculum students will learn how to communicate their experiences with racial issues visually in order to be advocates for social change. There are three units in this curriculum and each unit will build upon the next. The units are as follows: Subjugating Minorities through Visual Culture, Visual Culture and Self- Awareness, and Visual Culture and Community Awareness/Activism. The structure of this curriculum is based on the spiral model. Students will use the skills and content from each unit in the following units, so that skills and concepts are rehearsed and increase in complexity. Modern and postmodern visual culture will be covered and students will understand how both movements depict various aspects of racial issues. Attached to the curriculum are supporting materials and research. There will be a range of artistic processes covered in each unit and by the third unit students will work independently and explore a medium of their choosing more in depth to advocate for a racial issue as a class.


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