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Baird, Jerry E.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry


This semester I was chosen by the Argonne National Laboratory Center for Educational Affairs as a participant in their Undergraduate Research Participation Program. For my semester project, I was assigned to the Safety Research Experiment Facilities Division (SAREF). SAREF's current task is the TREAT Upgrade Project. This project entails the design and modification of several aspects of the Transient Reactor Test Faciltiy (TREAT). TREAT, a test fast breeder reactor located at the Idaho Argonne National Laboratory, has the capacity to expose breeder reactor fuel elements to transients (short bursts of high power from the reactor). ... In order to realize the value of surface analysis techniques such as Auger electron spectroscopy, one must obtain a comprehension of the role surfaces play, if any, in the behavior of solids. There are instances in which surfaces have been found to influence the behavior of the material as a whole. The various ways in which these effects occur have been studied by this author. The results of this study have been summarized and are included in Section 5.0 of this report.


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