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Student Project

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Kidder, Jeff

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


Department of Sociology


There has not been sufficient research on Arab college students and their activism in the United States. This topic is especially important because of the new wave of protests across college campuses due to the Israel-Hamas war. This project focused on what made Arab students join an Arab organization at a university in the Midwest and the disagreements that exist within the group. Data was gathered through participant observations of the group meetings and semi-structured interviews with the group members. This study found that the desire to connect with their culture and find a sense of community brought Arab students to join the group. However, members had different opinions on how the organization fit into their activism and they had different reactions when their activism was challenged. Some students had a more emotional reaction while others were neutral or cautious. These findings are correlated with the frequency of member participation and members’ definition of activism. Additional studies should be conducted to determine if these results are generalizable to other Arab student groups across the country.

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