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The packaging of goods or products is something which all of us encounter every day of our lives. The box of cereal we pick up in the morning, the shaving cream, soap, or makeup we use, the products we use at dinner, and even the bedding we sleep upon does or has involved the use of packaging at some time. There is no escaping it. But what exactly is packaging? A few pieces of cardboard? A label or printing on the box? Plastic wrap? J.H. Briston and T.J. Neill define packaging in their book, Packaging Management, as, “the art, science and technology of preparing goods for transport and sale. Packaging may also be defined as the means of ensuring the safe delivery of a product to the ultimate consumer in sound condition at the minimum overall cost.” I suppose that this “definition” is correct in its capsulation of purpose. However, I tend to feel that packaging has a much larger purpose than is mentioned here.


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