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Kaczka, Michele

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


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People with disabilities have a large amount of buying power, due to their significant collective disposable income. This has resulted in a large untapped market which marketers could target in the future. This study seeks to understand how to people with disabilities would prefer disability inclusive marketing to be executed. One of the research objectives within this study are to understand the importance of disability inclusive marketing when individuals are choosing to purchase from a company. The other objective is to understand what marketing tactics individuals with disabilities prefer. Research method utilized within this study is a Qualtrics survey, which was distributed to sixty-nine participants with disabilities.

Our major findings were that only forty percent of people with disabilities find it extremely important to support businesses that have disability representation. This support is also dependent upon the different marketing tactics and channels that are utilized. Consumers with disabilities prefer disability inclusive campaigns focused on everyday activities. Consumers with disabilities may also be relucent to support businesses that unintentionally incorporate stereotypes in campaigns. People with disabilities may utilize Facebook to build online communities with each other. People with disabilities have begun to view digital marketing and social media marketing as more compelling than print media. This shows marketers should focus on social media marketing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok when executing disability inclusive marketing campaigns. As a result from our findings and consumer insights, I recommend to companies consult people with disabilities and participate in anti-ableism training prior to launching disability inclusive marketing campaigns. Companies should also accompany disability inclusive marketing campaigns with constant disability related philanthropy and partnerships with influencers with disabilities.


Honors Capstone

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Richardson, Amari. "Bridging the Gap Between the Disability Community and Marketers" (2024). Honors Capstones.

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