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Student Project

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Benning, Matthew

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Department of Finance


The Northern Illinois University Huskie Marching Band plays a huge role on campus and in the NIU community supporting NIU athletics and entertaining audiences throughout the university and surrounding area. Since 1899, the NIU marching band has grown to approximately 200 members a season and plays to crowds of 30,000 people at Huskie Stadium. Known as “The Pride of the Midwest”, the Huskie Marching Band has enriched the Huskie spirits of students, faculty, parents, alumni, and the Huskie community as a whole.

The dedication and persistence these students demonstrate each day at rehearsals, games, and events is something that does not go unnoticed. As a member of the Huskie Marching Band for the past four seasons, I have witnessed and demonstrated first-hand the level of determination it takes to be successful in this organization. Therefore, the purpose of this project is for students to receive graduation recognition with stoles to wear at their ceremonies as a sign of their commitment to the program and their university. The graduation stoles project is significant to the Huskie Marching Band and NIU as it is a way for students to showcase their musical accomplishments and reflect on their time in the Huskie Marching Band.