A Review of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Strategies for Children who have a Visual Impairment

Jessica R. Arms, Northern Illinois University
Natalie Andzik, Northern Illinois University


The authors conducted a literature review in which we examined articles about visual impairment (VI) and augmentative alternative communication (AAC) to identify gaps in the existing literature. We hypothesized there would be many gaps in the literature regarding selection, awareness, and knowledge of appropriate AAC interventions for children with visual impairments. Boster et al. (2021) conducted a literature review examining AAC interventions and communication needs for individuals with cortical visual impairment (CVI). They concluded that there needs to be more peer-reviewed literature about CVI and AAC intervention. Furthermore, they urged future research to address individuals with CVI who require AAC. Still, there are very few empirical studies on the topic. We extended their work by including additional expert reviews and papers.