Publication Date

Fall 12-7-2023

Document Type

Student Project

First Advisor

Coffman-Rea, Kara

Second Advisor

Cowan, Edye

Degree Name

B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Department of Biological Sciences


The purpose of this project was to learn about the anatomy of the ankle joint, explore common ankle injuries in athletes, and research how they are treated overall and in a physical therapy setting. To do so, a dissection of the ankle joint was completed with Mrs. Kara Coffman-Rea in the cadaver lab as well as an exploration of plastinated models. Additionally, a literature review of current research on the ankle was completed. Though many structures of the ankle joint were identified through dissection, the focus of the literature review is on the structures of the lateral ankle and the Achilles (calcaneal) tendon. For the purpose of the project, photos were taken of the structures of the ankle joint throughout the dissection, and these pictures were labeled appropriately. This project is relevant to my studies because I am aiming to attend a Doctor of Physical Therapy program in the fall. It is pertinent to my future career goal to have experience working in a cadaver lab, learn more about the body, and understand how certain parts of the body are treated in a physical therapy setting.