Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2023

Document Type

Student Project

First Advisor

Sharp, Barton

Second Advisor

Siblik, John

Degree Name

B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Department of Management


Many of the first art galleries and museums existed in places where elite individuals were allowed. The constant pursuit of achieving perfection in many circumstances may stem from a white supremacist narrative that often stagnates creativity from achieving its full potential. This sends a series of alarming messages to artists as they tend to lose the initial interest they have for their medium by attempting to achieve a level of perfection that is unattainable. As a result, this notion can shed light on the social impact art can have in society and the relationship with the type of artwork displayed. This research will focus on how perfection is represented in the art industry as it is rooted from white supremist ideas and notions. To analyze these ideas, this research will uncover some of the messages ‘perfectionism’ sends, the history of art spaces in regard to perfect artwork displayed, and the impact this can have on creative individuals and the socio-political impact art has on society.