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Student Project

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Pickard, Matthew

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Department of Accountancy


The increasing role of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation in the field of accounting has raised concerns about the future of the profession. This study sought to explore whether AI and automation will replace or assist accountants, and what skills will be required of accountants in the future where AI and automation play a significant role in the field. To achieve this, the study analyzed job postings for accounting software skill requirements and reviewed relevant literature on the subject.

The findings indicate that automation will replace repetitive and process-driven tasks while assisting accountants in higher-level advisory tasks. This shift in the role of accountants will require them to focus more on emotional intelligence-based tasks, such as building rapport with clients, as well as data analytics and communication skills.

This study's contribution is its visualization of job posting data, which offers a comprehensive view of the skills required by employers in the accounting industry. The data confirms the impact of automation on the field of accounting and the need for accountants to develop new skills to remain relevant in a rapidly changing job market.

In conclusion, the study suggests that automation and AI will not replace accountants but rather change the nature of their work. To remain competitive, accountants will need to focus on developing skills in data analytics, communication, and emotional intelligence to better serve clients' needs. This study's findings have significant implications for the accounting profession and its future, highlighting the importance of adapting to the changing technological landscape to remain competitive in the job market.

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Johnson, Sterlen J. “Will AI and Automation Replace or Assist Accountants" (2023). Honors Capstones.

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