REFUGE: A United Front Against Domestic Violence

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Student Project

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Wallace, Patricia

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


Department of Psychology


Our spouses, guardians, siblings, children, friends, and partners surround us, support us, and protect us. However, for millions of people every year, these close relationships have turned violent and abusive. Despite the prevalence of this issue, domestic violence is often an underfunded and misunderstood field that continues to struggle to get much-needed attention. We sought to remedy this lack of attention by delivering a fresh and modern format for sharing critical information and educating about domestic violence that would reach a variety of audiences. We formatted this information into a six-episode podcast named REFUGE: A United Front Against Domestic Violence, in which we are the hosts, guiding the audience through different topics related to domestic violence. In each of the six episodes, we explore a specific theme, which includes Recognize, Experience, Facts and Figures, Unite, Goals, and Encourage. To showcase each of these themes, we were joined by eleven hand-picked interviewees, all of whom are hardworking professionals in the field and members of the community that have been involved in domestic violence. With carefully crafted interviews, we were able to display each of our professionals’ expertise while diving into the cycle of abuse and violence that has plagued society for centuries. Through these deep dives, we uncovered helpful and feasible solutions to end violence in our world. Education, community, and personal accountability, by each and every one of us, is the way we can start putting an end to domestic violence and teach future generations how to break the cycle.