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Student Project

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Sabio, Cristan

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


School of Nursing


Emergency departments are overwhelmed with the sheer quantity of patients, many of which are there for the non-emergent reasons. The purpose of this project is to identify factors that contribute to emergency department (ED) misuse, initiatives or programs that have been successful in decreasing ED misuse, and ED personnel’s opinions on contributing factors and potential solutions. A literature review followed by semi-structured interviews of ED personnel produced the necessary information. Common themes were drawn from participant responses in the interview portion. A major barrier to appropriate use of the emergency department is access to primary care. Others include: lack of education, ease of use, and cost. The major solution addresses increasing access to primary care through expanding clinic hours, use of nurse practitioners or physician assistants, and connecting patients with a provider if they don’t have one. Other solutions include: education, fast tracking, and social work.

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