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Student Project

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Hsu, Pi-Sui

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)


Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment (ETRA)


The focus of this unit is to engage and enrich students’ perspectives on the human impact on Earth in different areas of the world. This unit will allow students to interact and learn about students in another country, learn about the air quality similarities and differences and what could affect the results of testing the air quality in two communities in different parts of the world. The goal of this unit is to have the students understand how humans impact the world around them and to compare their community to another community. The students will be accomplishing this goal utilizing educational pedagogy and theory from the undergraduate coursework I have completed at Northern Illinois University as part of the Middle Level Teaching and Learning degree program. Students will have reading and writing integrated into lessons weekly to build upon student’s comprehension skills within the classroom, as well as to help build their knowledge of the language of science. Students will also be participating in multiple modes of learning including individual, small group and whole class discussions. This unit will allow students the opportunity to build their scientific research skills, investigative skills, analytical skills, and their scientific argumentation skills. This unit is complete with all applicable materials and ready for immediate implementation in the classroom as well as can be modified to fit into any classroom or afterschool program.

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Sendra, C. R. (2022, December 4). Dual-Country Middle School Science Air Quality Curriculum Guide .