Queering LGBTQ

Publication Date

Spring 5-8-2022

Document Type


First Advisor

Littauer, Amanda

Degree Name

B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)


Center for the Study of Women, Gender and Sexuality| School of Music


This capstone project is an informational podcast on Queer Theory and its relationship with the LGBTQ experience. This podcast was produced because there are very few podcasts that touch on queer theory, and even fewer that are solely about queer theory. The episodes were made with the goal of informing and educating others on the history of LGBTQ identities and how queer theory views them in the past and the present.

The topics of gender binaries, sexualities, intersectionality and how the LGBTQ community’s story has been told are very important in the education of queer theory. In the podcast it’s explored how gender is fluid and can exist anywhere in or outside of the binaries that have been placed by society. It takes an intersectional approach to this topic and explains that there is not one universal experience; every single person’s experiences are dictated by their multiple identities that cannot be separated.

The series includes five podcast episodes. Each of the five episodes have their own specific topic of LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer) in sequential order. The episodes begin with a brief introduction to queer theory, followed by the history of the identity. It then explains the ways in which queer theory challenges each identity. Followed by a personal analysis of the identity’s relation to queer theory, and any related opinions, experiences, thoughts or theories on the topic. After the analysis, there is a brief interview with an individual who identifies as the identity that the episode is focused on. The interviewee is asked of their experiences with their identity, how they see their identity in relation to society, and any opinions they have relating to queer theory.