Publication Date

Spring 5-7-2022

Document Type


First Advisor

Peterson, Donald

Second Advisor

Mayer, Jamie

Degree Name

B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


Department of Mechanical Engineering


This project provides a solution to a problem proposed by a pair of conjoined clients. With their desire to become fully independent, the clients need an improved mobility device. Being joined at the head, moving around was always difficult for them and their situation did not get any better after an accident left one of them immobile. Their current device was a decent and quick solution at the time it was first needed. However, since its conception the device quickly became obsolete, and they are now in need of a more effective device that allows them to travel easier. This project will produce a solution that is not only more effective, but it will also be adaptable to the clients as time goes on and their situation changes. Beating the odds, the clients are now reaching a point where they want to be more independent, meaning that unique features such as a lift system within the device will need to be included. The lift system along with the overall structure of the device gives the team the opportunity to challenge themselves in creating and designing a device that meets the needs of the clients.