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Knapp, John V., 1940-||Giannasi, Jenefer

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My Capstone project is the result of my interships with the national alliance for Animals’ Legislation and the law firm of Galvin, Stanley and Hazard. During these interships I was exposed to numerous experiences that, upon my analysis, gave me insight into how to effectively persuade others in reference to animal protection. In addition to my internship experiences, I relied on previous readings and pre-internship experiences to enhance the project. I chose a manual format for easy reader comprehension and reference. The conclusions of my project are as follows: 1: It is necessary for the professional animal protection advocate to effectively use both written and spoken persuasion. 2: It is essential for others to be able to relate to the advocate. 3: The advocate must recognize that they will be confronted with different situations that have different constraints and the advocate must plan and react accordingly.


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