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Damodaran, Purushothaman

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


At Woodward Rock Cut Campus purchased material is required at each production cell in the Integration loop at the Rock Cut Campus. The purchased parts come from suppliers and begin by being stored in the warehouse, which is external to Woodward. A truck is used to transport the needed kits and point of use storage bin between the warehouse and the Rock Cut Campus. Currently there is not a schedule in place to efficiently move the carts from the warehouse to the production lines. The project’s main objective is to develop a functional and efficient reusable kitting replenishment loop. The project team will accomplish this objective by meeting Takt times of individual production lines and by using the capacities of each cell’s kits or point of use storage bins within the Integration loop. It is necessary that the projected demand of 2021 is captured in the schedule. If this schedule is poorly planned, assembly lines may starve for much needed parts. Consequently, the customer demand is not met on time, which will lead to customer dissatisfaction and other ramifications. Delivering too many carts to a production line will also leads to large work in progress areas.


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