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For over three decades, the media has blamed violent video games as one of the main reasons why today’s youth commits violent crimes. The research that has been conducted does not support the media’s allegations. This project aims to highlight some of the flaws in the research that has been done in this field of study. Also, this project proposes the idea that one should look at how video games may help reduce crime. This is done by looking at the inverse correlation between the violent crime rate in the United States and the rate of violent video game sales. Also, the author conducted a qualitative study that aims to find how playing video games online may help reduce crime. The study included six interviews with members of an eSports club at a public university. The author found evidence of informal social control and how that may help reduce violent crime. There are limitations to the study, but overall this is a huge step into researching an area of study that has not been tapped to before.

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