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Pohlman, Nicholas A.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


The muon g-2 experiment is an experiment currently being conducted at Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratories that is studying the nature of sub-atomic particles called Muons using a 50ft diameter electro-magnet. Unfortunately, the hall that this experiment is being housed in is unable to sustain a constant temperature due to added equipment to the room, which is adding uncertainty to the experiment. It was theorized that the addition of two fans and two chillers would maintain a constant temperature in the hall. To prove this as well as find the optimal placement of these components an ANSYS CFX simulation was developed to model the airflow and heat transfer in the room. Following refinement of the simulation it was found that placement of the fans and chillers anywhere within the tested range would result in steady temperatures over time, accomplishing the desired goal of the project.


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