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Miller, Gerald D. (Professor of electrical engineering)

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


The project's goal is to design and build an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle whose view and instruments can be viewed from a computer. This airplane will allow for surveillance and casualty inspection. Currently a full size airplane or helicopter must be used to inspect an area that has been through a major casualty. For example, during a forest fire an airplane or helicopter must be used to search the area for survivors or people that are trapped. Wi th a low cost unmanned airplane, the search will be conducted faster and with fewer personnel. The Unmanned Aerial vehicle will also be used in situations where personnel would be in danger. During the nuclear accident at Chernobyl manned helicopters were used to inspect the damage, unfortunately the personnel on these helicopters were subjected to dangerous amounts of radiation. An unmanned aerial vehicle could have been used instead of the manned aircraft to protect the personnel from this harmful radiation.


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