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My Capstone serves to showcase women composers and composers of color living in the present day. I performed four pieces of music written for saxophone and accompaniment at my senior recital by these undiscovered composers. The reason I found this topic intriguing is because I feel many modern classical composers are underrepresented. I made a distinct effort to include non-white, female, and living composers into my recital. My scope included creating a list of exclusively female composers for saxophone, finding atypical instrumental pairings with saxophone more than saxophone solo with piano, and by composers whom I could contact. I used publication websites such as JW Pepper, C. Allen Publications, Editions Bim, and a music score sold from Jennifer Higdon’s personal website to purchase my music. Of the composers I chose, three of the four were still alive and all of them had been contacted via email or Facebook. One of the composers was able to meet me in person and coach a rehearsal with my accompanying musicians. She significantly influenced my understanding of her piece and performance details. I found very valuable content being able to discuss and research music by women and people of color; their stories told through their music resonate with me when I performed it. The music had been selected many months prior to the recital so I could practice it, arrange my accompanists, and work with my applied professor. I also have my final recital recorded as a YouTube video that is linked in the full submission of my capstone, a CD, and a DVD.

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capstone biographies and program notes.pdf (109 kB)
capstone biographies and program notes.pdf (109.6Kb)

Female composers for saxophone - Sheet1.pdf (49 kB)
Female composers for saxophone - Sheet1.pdf (49.04Kb)

Capstone cover page and abstract.pdf (44 kB)
Capstone cover page and abstract.pdf (44.34Kb)

Capstone reflection.pdf (68 kB)
Capstone reflection.pdf (68.57Kb)



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