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Sabio, Cristan

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The transition from nursing student to registered nurse is not one that would be considered smooth. In fact, it is defined as being challenging, unpredictable and lacking clarity. The purpose of this literature review is to recognize the anxieties that nursing students feel when they transition to working registered nurses, and how to eliminate or limit those anxieties by providing supportive mentors or preceptors. The articles used for this literature review are scholarly articles found through article databases. CINAHL is the main database that was used and all articles were published within the last seven years. Keywords used were “transitioning from student to RN.” Through the research done for this literature review, it was found that a transition period which is often called a nurse residency program, must be offered to new graduate nurses as they start their careers. This allows them to build a support system with each other and become well acquainted with their fellow staff, preceptors and nurse educators. Having this support system behind them aids in their success and confidence levels as they enter the workforce as nurses.


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