Noell Ealey

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Lukaszuk, Judith M.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences


Problem- The inconsistency of information on recommendations regarding the most beneficial timing of protein supplementation in relation to a workout, when muscle hypertrophy and strength is the goal. Purpose- To investigate milk supplementation before and after exercise and its effects on muscle hypertrophy, muscle strength, and body composition. Design- On day 1, subjects reported to the exercise lab for anthropometries,strength and muscle hypertrophy assessment. On day 28, subjects reported to the lab to reassess strength gains and to readjust lifting routines as needed to allow for additional strength gains. On day 56, subjects again reported to the exercise lab for final anthropometries, strength and muscle hypertrophy assessment. During the 8 week study, subjects were randomly assigned to one of three workout groups: 16 oz skim milk prior to each resistance weight training session, 16 oz of skim milk following each resistance weight training session, or no protein at all 2 hours before or after each resistance weight training session. Despite the milk supplementation, milk drinking participants were asked to consume no other protein 2 hours before or after each resistance weight training session. Each participant completed an identical weight training workout dependent on the week of the study. These workouts consisted of 45-60 minute resistance training sessions of 70%-85% of their 1 repetition max. Major findings- Protein supplementation in a half-hour time frame of one’s strength training workout helpd to increase strength and muscle size. Post-workout protein supplementation wasmore favorable than pre-workout protein supplementation in allowing for gains in strength and muscle size. Conclusion- To maximize benefits on strength and muscle size; ingest 480 mL milk within 30 minutes of completing resistance weight training sessions.


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