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When investigating the term “vessel,” one immediately has a definition or a vision of what the term means to them. Upon further thought, other options may come to mind. Searching for the word in random dictionaries and online, the first definition is what I immediately think of because of my work in the ceramic field: a container or utensil for holding something. It could be a vase, bowl, bottle, pitcher, cup, or any of the other clay forms I have strived to create on either the wheel or by hand building. Then the more romantic definition points to a person in whom some quality is held or infused. Next, it might be a ship or craft that carries things across water. Finally, it could be the tubes that carry fluid through our bodies. I find the repeated terms “carry” and “hold” to be what speaks most strongly. Through research and personal application, I have discovered ways in which clay has been used to create vessels, both literally and figuratively.


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