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Lurio, Laurence B.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)


This research project will study the electric field distribution of x-rays propagating within a planar silicon waveguide. The electric field will be modeled using two methods. The simpler, but more approximate method will be to consider the propagating modes of an infinite planar waveguide, which can be calculated analytically. A second, more exact, method will be numerically solving parabolic wave equations to describe propagation of x-rays near the entry and exit points of the waveguide. Graphing and numerical calculations will be made using the Python programming language. The waveguide material will be modelled as single crystal silicon, and the interior of the waveguide will be modelled using air. The outcome of this project is to be able to provide a model for understanding the scattering of x-rays from materials confined within a waveguide.


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Northern Illinois University

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