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Foucault inquires into many of the social and political structures of his time not only by openly critiquing them, but by writing in a fashion that is anything but devoid of style. This is significant in understanding his work and the implications of his work in dialog. The research being done is to explore how Foucault used dialog to demonstrate power over and throughout series of thought like Marxism and Structuralism. After investigating these thoughts and the use of words to portray these ideas, there will then be a comparison to how word structure influences current systems of thought and politics in today's society. While it is not currently definitive until there is a real understanding of how Foucault makes his ideas unique, comparing his critique of former events to those occurring today is where the research becomes significant. This paper will aim to dissect current policy and speeches with the same or similar algorithms that Foucault used to understand policy of his time. It will search to understand how certain speech patterns display power and simplicity/complexity over people's understanding of them.


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