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The relationship between religiosity and crime between Whites and Latinas/os has remained in the sociological discourse and has played an integral role in crime rates. This suggests a hypothesis that individual religiosity is salient in creating community and unity among Latinas/os and the perceptions of the role of the church among Whites is strictly to aid in the path of salvation. To test this hypothesis, data is drawn from 10 interviews conducted with five Latinas/os and five Whites. Results from these interviews indicate that Latinas/os are more likely to perceive the church as an outlet for creating community, and that its main purpose is to provide services for everyone. The results also show that Whites are more likely to perceive the role of the church as a place to worship God and hold individualistic views of including outsiders inside the their church. Furthermore, the heterogeneity of Pilsen, Chicago provides an interesting dynamic as to how both Whites and Latinas/os perceive each other’s churches and the crime that is associated to them. This study is in need of more participant interviews in order to have more inclusive results of Whites’ and Latinas/os’ perceptions of crime.

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