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Chung, King

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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School of Allied Health and Communicative Disorders


Hearing loss negatively impacts a person's quality of life. Only 20% of 46 million Americans with hearing loss seek amplification treatment. It is imperative to address the disparity within the general public between those who have hearing loss and those who seek treatment for hearing loss. The goal of this research project is to determine whether education, through in-person presentations, can be used to improve their knowledge on hearing loss. Sixty African Americans between 50 and 90 years of age participated in the study. Participants were given a pre-presentation questionnaire, followed by a presentation was that discussed: the types and causes of hearing loss, treatment for hearing loss, and the effects of hearing loss. Participants then filled in a post-presentation questionnaire and hearing tests were conducted to test their outer, middle, and inner ear functions. Results indicated that in-person presentations increased participants’ knowledge about hearing loss and hearing health care. Participants responded to the presentations extremely positively, and indicated that further discussion about hearing health care is both wanted and needed. However, additional research needs to be done to determine whether the presentations have encouraged participants to seek treatment for hearing loss.


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