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Kelter, Paul B.

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Literacy and Elementary Education


Currently, there is little to no discussion about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender issues in school curriculums; causing concerns for the safety of all students and for the rising societal problem that has resulted. The purpose of this research is to define the problems resulting from the lack of discussion of LGBT issues at schools and to promote social awareness about them. This is done through literary and media analysis. The findings include how these problems are being addressed through pedagogy. This is then applied to a discussion study with adults to raise awareness. The study's purpose is to note the reaction of adults to school programs currently in use to teach their students mutual understanding and respect regarding LGBT issues. It is limited by the group size and background. Adults' personal reactions to the pedagogy before and after participating in a program similar to what their students experience are noted through pre- and post-surveys. The discussion study is led similar to how teachers would address students when discussing LGBT issues as a part of the curriculum. This work is Significant because it provides an approach to address LGBT issues in schools and demonstrates the effectiveness of the approach.


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