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Downing, Charles E.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Operations Management and Information Systems


This study is a result of my findings on all aspects of outsourcing. Within my research I have found both advantages and disadvantages of this issue. By analyzing all of my research, I have proven my thesis that the outsourcing advantages outweigh the negatives. I have also found that it takes careful work in planning an outsourcing venture for it to be successful. Useful tips and tactics for choosing a vendor, establishing a relationship with the vendor, and making the venture a successful one overall are addressed in this study. This study will be helpful to businesses when they are looking at the option of outsourcing. Along with this report, my research enabled me to design a website that shows in more detail just how an outsourcing company runs its business and markets itself to potential clients. The website runs a survey form that asks the specifications the customer wants in the system. It then totals the cost of the system specified. The website address is Wesleylindexlindex.html.


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