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Webber, Sally

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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This study investigates the opinions of accountancy, marketing, and management majors toward the "XYZ" Credential proposed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. This global credential, which is intended to encourage broad business knowledge among a variety of professionals, has resulted in extreme controversy among members of the accounting profession. The research discussed in this paper was conducted through a survey instrument distributed to students at Northern lllinois University. This study found that all three majors showed clear agreement with the statement, "The XYZ credential is a great idea." Furthermore, accountancy and management majors indicated that they would be interested in obtaining the XYZ credential. However, accountancy majors would be more interested in the current CPA designation, while management majors were more interested in the proposed XYZ credential. Also, results varied based on major for many of the questions presented. When ,r" _ asked which credential holder they would hire in a given situation, accountancy majors were more likely to select a specialist, while management and marketing majors were more favorable toward the broad knowledge of the XYZ credential holder. Finally, this study demonstrated that previous knowledge of the XYZ credential did not affect the opinions held by accountancy majors.


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