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On a recent visit to Western Europe I had the chance to observe a number of Neolithic sites such as, Stonehenge, Avebury, Salisbury Hill, Newgrange, etc.. I noticed there were parallels which could be drawn between their construction, astronomical alignments, and proximity to other similar sites. The question I am proposing for this research is as follows: does the archaeological evidence discovered at these sites corroborate the hypothesis of a single culture of megalith monument builders, or does the evidence suggest these monuments were created by multiple cultures? Although megalith sites, including stone circles, standing stones, and barrows are found all over Western Europe, I am focusing my research on the archaeological evidence found at the two Neolithic Megalith sites, Stonehenge (England) and Newgrange (Ireland). My goal is to get a better understanding of archaeology and history by examining the archaeological evidence at these two sites and by using this information to either support or disprove the hypothesis that these sites were built by a single culture.


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