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Dunn-Jensen, Linda

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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A business major prepares students to find a job in a business related field (i.e. Management, Marketing, Operations, and Finance). However, an up and coming career option in business is the in-house legal department. However, this requires the business student to apply to and attend law school. Currently, the business school does not have a pre-law advisor that can help students explore this other career option. Therefore, this project attempts to solve this dilemma with two parts: a paper and a guide. The paper lays out the in-house legal career as a viable option for business students. After researching articles, three alternatives to the usual career path were discussed in the paper: In house legal career, Consulting, and entrepreneurship. The purpose of the paper is to widen the view of business students, so that they are presented with all possible career options before leaving their undergraduate experience. The paper is included as a part of the guide. The guide is a binder that provides help for business students who wish to attend law school. It discusses the important parts of the law school application process. It also includes a timeline to help students stay on track and focus on both schoolwork and the grueling application process. The guide has been developed through the author's personal experience and a book on applying to law school. The guide provides a starting point for business students to manage their expectations, and their time when thinking about and applying to law school. It also provides business students with an important look at an alternative path to developing a career in business.


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