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Mitchell, John L. A.

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The polyamines, spermidine, spermine and its diamine precursor putrescine are required for proper cell development. An excess of polyamines causes can cause tumor formation, or apoptosis. Ultimately, understanding and having the ability to control the polyamine pathway may provide an opportunity to repress tumor development. The polyamine pathway has a precise feed back system that involves antizyme inhibitor (AZI). Yet, the role AZI plays in the polyamine pathway is poorly understood. This is due to the inability to account for its presence in polyamine analysis protocols. The first step to rectifying this problem is to isolate and purify the AZI protein. This was attempted by transforming a vector (pET19b) that contains the AZI DNA sequence, into competent cells. These cells were induced with Isopropyl p-D-thiogalactoside (IPTG) to produce the AZI protein. Then the AZI protein was isolated and purified by the Talon IMAC system. The AZI protein is the vital first step in creating analytical tools that can detect AZI presence.


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